6th February 2021 - Golf Australia article about Paradise Palms

Golf Australia has published an article about the plight of Paradise Palms. Please use the link below to view it.


31st December - How the Councillors voted

See which Councillors supported the Community when voting on the Paradise Palms Development Application and which ones did not!

Click the link below


21st December 2020 - Stop Press! PPRA has lodged an appeal against the Council's Approval of the DA

PPRA (Save Paradise Palms) has sought and received professional advice from both Leeanne Bou Samra of MBS Lawyers and Nikki Huddy of Planz Town Planning. They are our retained consultants and we have paid careful attention to their advice. They have both advised that they believe we have a strong case for overturning the Preliminary Development Approval for Paradise Palms on appeal.

As a result of that advice, we have today lodged an official Appeal.

The support shown at our AGM this month was unanimous to continue fighting.





 If everyone who lodged an objection with Council now makes a donation, we will get there.

Thank you all for your support.

10 November 2020

In reading the Planning Officer's Report and Recommendation to Council we see what appears to be a significant error in fact.

The relevant excerpt can be found on page 50 of the Report (and elsewhere in the Report) and is as follows:

"Transport – Roads & Paths

- Paradise Palms Drive/Moore Road (Major Collector Road)

- Discovery Drive (Sub-Arterial Road – 4 Lane Median Divided)

- Petricola Street – Paradise Palms Drive (Minor Collector Road)"

Discovery Drive is not 4 lanes. It was changed some time ago from 4 lanes to 2 lanes to accommodate bike lanes. Under the developer's plans, Discovery Drive becomes the only exit point from the entire precinct (including anything that may happen on the Paradise Palms site) for all traffic heading south towards the city.

The statement in the Report is either wrong and will cause enormous congestion problems, or it is right and it is a subterfuge because it is intended to reclaim the bike lanes and turn Discovery Drive back into 4 lanes without drawing any attention to the change, or opening it up for public discussion.

Without the bike lanes there would be 4 relatively narrow vehicle lanes, leading into the dangerous choke point of a single lane roundabout at Sandalwood Avenue and no safe path for bikes at all.

09 November 2020 - Planning Officer's Report to Council

The link below will open a copy of the Planning Officer's Report to Council.

As you will see, they recommend that the DA be approved with conditions.


5th November 2020 - Council Planning Dept announces its decision

The Council Planning Dept has advised us that they have made the decision to recommend approval of the DA for Paradise Palms with extensive conditions attached.

Full details will be available on Council's web site on Monday 9th November.

That means that the full weight of community expectations regarding the rejection of this DA  must now to be borne by the individual Councillors and their consciences. 

We hope that the Councillors are truly aware of the depth of feeling that this whole drawn out business has brought to the surface and that they will vote against the proposal.

If they do vote against the proposal then they will be supporting their own 2016 Plan and the 2050 Shared Vision which resulted from extensive community surveys and consultation regarding the preservation of green space.

Please email your Councillor (or all of them) right now and make your feelings known again. This is one of the most significant and far reaching Town Planning issues that Cairns has ever seen.

3rd November 2020 - Supporter attendance at Council Meeting on 11th November

The 11th of November is the day that is now scheduled for Council to make their decision regarding the DA for Paradise Palms.

Your Committee has been assured that even with Covid restrictions, they will be able to sit in the Chamber and observe the Council meeting on the day.

The meeting starts at 12:30pm due to Council Remembrance Day commitments.

Whilst it seems unlikely that a large supporter group would be allowed in, a demonstration of community interest by having a peaceful crowd assemble outside the Council offices to witness what will be one of the defining moments in Cairns Council history would be good to see as the Media is likely to be there in force.

If you can make it, please turn up on the day and show support for the cause, we hope to see you all there.

2nd November 2020 - Notice of AGM for PPRA Inc

Please note that as per the formal notice below, the Association's AGM will take place on the 7th December at 6:00pm for 6:30pm at the Palm Cove Surf Club. All financial members are encouraged to attend.

AGM PPRA Inc 2020 (1).pdf


20 October 2020 - Yet another extension for the decision date

The date for Council to make a decision on the DA for Paradise Palms has been extended again.

It is now 11th November.

The relevant documents can be viewd on the links below:

Request for extension by PPNQ.pdf

Council Confirmation of extension to the Decision Period.pdf

06 October 2020 - Excellent letter from a resident to Councillors. Worth reading!

A resident of the Paradise Palms precinct has written an excellent letter to Cairns Councillors. He has kindly given us permission to publish it on our web site

We recommend reading it and please don't hesitate to act if it inspires you to write your own letter.

To view the letter, please click on the link below:

Letter to Councillors Oct 2020 - Paradise Palms.pdf

9th September 2020 - Further extension granted until 28th October 2020

Council has today received a request and agreed to a further extension to the decision date for the Development Application for PPNQ P/L on Paradise Palms.

You can view the documents below:

PPNQ's request for an extension.pdf

Council's response to extension request 09 09 20.pdf

It seems a possibility that this requested further delay is to allow the new Belcarra legislation to come into effect just prior to that date. Once the new legislation takes effect, none of the Unity Team of Councillors will be deemed to have a conflict of interest with the proponent for the DA and will be able to vote on it. That is not the case right now. 

4th September 2020 - Developer's highway sign board


Not everything is as it may appear.

This sign is not announcing the developer's sucess in securing the Development Approval that he is seeking from Council.

It is simply trying to create an impression.

The Council has not yet made a decision on the application for this precious site.

The bottom line on the sign is what is left of the previous TAS School sign (strange?)

Also strange, the website advertised on this sign does not appear to have been updated since early last year.

28th August 2020 - Swing state: What’s driving Queenslanders to the golf course in record numbers?

Interesting article published in "InQld" yesterday.

Golf, it seems, is the perfect game for physical distancing, even if Queensland’s courses are more crowded these days thanks to COVID-19, writes Brad Cooper.

As lockdowns early in the pandemic threw sport at all levels into disarray and disruptions continue throughout many parts of the country, golf in Queensland at least has barely broken stride.

That’s good news not only for the sport’s administrators and club managers in local communities doing brisk business, but also for the broader sporting economy, with the momentum expected to carry all the way to the Australian PGA being hosted at Royal Queensland Golf Club in December thanks to the State’s successful coronavirus containment so far. The signs were there at the end of last year that golf was taking modest steps towards bringing more people back to the game, still played predominantly by older men, an image the game struggles to shake.

Read More

27th August 2020 - Does the Council approval this week of two seven storey towers at Trinity Beach have relevance to Paradise Palms?

Absolutely it does and the reason is that it represents a clear example of what can happen when a site is "Code Assessable" rather than "Impact Assessable" under the Planning Scheme.

It appears that the Councillors, even those who voted to approve it, felt disempowered by the Code Assessable zoning. They seemed to think that Council would have no chance on appeal if they knocked it back.

In the case of Paradise Palms, at the moment, being zoned Sport and Recreation, any development proposal is Impact Assessable, meaning that the proposal must be publicly advertised and everyone gets the opportunity to have their say.

If the Development Application currently before Council for Paradise Palms is approved by Council, then we are advised that from that point on the site becomes Code Assessable for a large variety of uses. This means that the Developer just has to meet the relevant Code and neither the public nor the Council get to have any say.

This is the worst possible outcome. The Trinity Beach example clearly shows what can happen in these circumstances. Who ever thought that we could end up with two seven storey buildings at the beaches with Council basically powerless to stop them? Could a developer change his approved Masterplan and put 1,500 homes on Paradise Palms? Who knows?

Even if you are one of the few people that think the current DA is OK, it appears that there is nothing to stop the developer from changing it completely to almost anything that he wants, as long as it meets the Codes.


19th August - Committee's formal presentation to the full Council

Your Committee had been offered the opportunity to make a one hour formal presentation to Council and today that presentation took place.

It was made to the Mayor, Councillors, the senior Officers and some Council Consultants.

We started with a Power Point presentation which included a talk by Nikki Huddy, our Town Planning Consultant and was then followed by a Q & A session.

We felt that it went well.

We left a high quality full colour bound copy of the presentation with each Councillor and senior Officer for them to refer back to.

We were also able to introduce two surprise letters of support, one from Perrett Webb Golf Course Architects and the other from Australian Golf Digest. 

Karrie Webb is Australia’s best performed golfer of all time in terms of Tournaments won. She is in the Hall of Fame and has been awarded an AO. She was brought up in Ayr and is really keen to be involved in a North Qld Golf venture. We have actually talked with her personally via Zoom from Florida and this letter is the result.

You can view these documents by clicking on the links. 

Perrett Webb letter of interest PP.pdf

Aust Golf Digest Paradise Palms Letter.pdf

30 July 2020 - Council decision deferred again

Cairns Regional Council has requested a further extension of the time allowed for their Officer's to finalise their recommendations.

The new date is now the 9th September, 2020

Click the link below to view Council's letter:

Decision pending - 9 Sept.pdf

3rd July 2020 - A quote with relevance

As the chairperson of Save Paradise Palms, I think it’s important to understand the negative impact that this proposed development would have on our environment and the wider community. I would encourage you to act by writing to your local councillors and expressing your concerns. (Email addresses for Councillors can be found in the Post for the 24th June below) Bob McPhail -

“The ultimate test of man’s conscience may be his willingness to sacrifice something today for future generations whose words of thanks will not be heard.”

—Gaylord Nelson

25th June 2020 - Another deferment for the decision date, now late August

We have just been advised by Council that their independent expert who had been retained to assess "Need" has become ill and is not able to complete the task.

Council have appointed another independent expert to complete the task but that person needs some time to both familiarise himself with the site and the application/submission material and then provide Council with advice on the matter.

Council is now estimating late August 2020 for the Planning Officer's assessment to be available to Council for decision.

We are reassured to know that Council is seeking independent advice on many elements of the DA and are not just taking the Proponent's reports as good enough.


25th June 2020 - Linda Cooper, LNP for Barron River - Her comments on Facebook after meeting with our Committee

To view Linda's comments on her Facebook page just click the link then scroll down to the article.


24th June 2020 - CALL TO ACTION!

This is a message to our 4,700 Petition signatories and our 827 Individual Submission writers. We need you to act once more please.

With the DA decision day approaching, now is the time for everyone to send an email to all the Councillors telling them why you think that they should vote against the Development Application for Paradise Palms.

Hundreds of emails would be good, thousands would be better!

The Councillor's email addresses are:











If you just want to copy and paste all the addresses into the "To" Field of your email and send to everyone at once, use the the format below:





You can cc info@saveparadisepalms.com.au to give us a copy of what you send.

HAPPY EMAILING and thank you from the PPRA Committee!

3rd June 2020 - Council requests an extension to the decision Period for the Development Application from 5 June 2020 to 22 July 2020

A copy of Council's request to PPNQ Developments Pty Ltd for an extension can be viewed by clicking this link

Request to extend Decision Period to 22 July 2020.pdf

29th May 2020 - Really bad timing to try and develop new houses in quantity

The following is an extract from the May HTW Valuers Property Report

"The Cairns property market continues to function but at vastly reduced volumes of sales. This reflects significant reductions in both supply and demand as a result of increased vendor uncertainty and a lack of buyer urgency. Our preliminary trend estimate for April 2020 is that, over the two months since February 2020, house sales are down 28.6%, unit sales are down 27.5%, and vacant land sales down 22.5%. The overall market reduction over the two months is estimated at 27.8%"

It would appear that any attempt to develop new housing stock is going to find the going very difficult indeed. In fact, why would anyone even consider trying?

12th May 2020 - Update from your Committee

Your Committee are still working hard to keep the Paradise Palms 98 hectares as Sports and Recreational land, whether it be a golf course and/or a sports recreational centre.

Last week some of the Committee met with three of the four new Cairns Councillors along with Kelly Reaston, in order to give them some essential background on the whole Paradise Palms situation and the very strong feelings of the residents. It was a good meeting and the new Councillors gave us a good hearing.

The DA is still being assessed by the Council planning officers and a decision will be made on or about the 5th June. Prior to the Planner's decision being put before the Councillors we will have the opportunity to meet with the whole of the Council informally and put our case to them again. We will also have the opportunity to have a formal deputation meet with the Councillors.

Once Council finalises its decision, if it goes against us, we will only have 21 days to challenge that decision.

If it comes to that. (and we are optimistic that it won't) then we will need to commence a serious fund raising exercise to meet the costs associated with an appeal.

Please check the website weekly for updates, as things will change quickly. Please spread the word.


The end of this long road is approaching. Council is expected to make their decision on the Development Approval Application by June.

We would like to be able to keep everyone (particularly those of you that lodged your own written objections with Council) informed as things develop from now on, so please just send us your name and email address to: 


and we will include you on our supporters distribution list.

Thank you

14th April 2020 - We are still working to save Paradise Palms from development

'Stay safe and stay home in these unprecedented times

Just to confirm to all our supporters that we are still working to save Paradise Palms from development. We are in constant communication with Cairn Regional Council who have confirmed that there is NO DA in at present for a 'towering water park' and if a DA is forthcoming for that it will be subject to Impact Assessment and public consultation, regardless of the misleading comments made by and in the media recently.

What you can do? Whilst many of you have additional time on your hands it would be great to use this time to write to the Council and the Cairns Post with your views on the development.  

18th December 2019 - It's official!!! 4,744 petition signatures and 825 individual submissions to Council

We submitted 4,744 Petition signatures against the development to Cairns Regional Council. These petitions also called on Council to purchase the site, should another buyer not emerge.

It has now been confirmed that 825 individual detailed written objections have also been lodged with the Council. 

What a fantastic effort by all those who made such an effort to record their views.

With such a clear indication of the difficult road in front of him, perhaps the developer may be prepared to re-think.

Now is the time to write lots of Letters to the Editor at The Cairns Post to keep things on the boil!

4th December 2019 - Read a copy of our consultant Town Planner's submission lodged on our behalf with Cairns Regional Council

Our Consultant Town Planner, Nikki Huddy of Planz Town Planning, has compiled and lodged our official submission against the DA for Paradise Palms.

It makes for excellent reading and you can download a copy for yourself here:

Paradise Palms - Submission against development 2 Dec 2019 w attachment ....pdf 

It is a 6MB file, so it might take a little while to download.

In addition to this submission, we have presented our petition with 4,700 signatures to Council and we estimate that there will be just on 850 individual written submissions/objections lodged by close of business today.

Thank you to all our supporters for really getting behind the Committee on this issue of critical importance.

2nd December 2019 - Council systems may be overwhelmed

We have received calls from supporters saying that whilst they have made online submissions to Council, they have not received any confirmation of receipt. 

We have spoken to Council and they advise that their system may be overwhelmed by numbers. That's probably a good thing but if it has happened to you, Council suggest that you re-send your submission to make sure.

You should receive a confirmation email almost immediately if the system is working properly.

15th November 2019 - Here is a template that you can use to help you to make your own submission to Council.

Planz Town Planning has provided us with a template that you can use for your own Letter of Objection to the Paradise Palms Development.

It is in Word format and it is there for you, and for each individual submitter to amend to suit themselves.

Dowload a copy here:

Template Letter of Objection to Paradise Palms Development_.docx

The letter will have more weight if it does contain a mix of grounds for objection.

On this basis each person who objects may like to make comments in the first 2 lines - as follows:

I / we have lived in the local community for ______________________________________, and I moved here (or live here) for the – open space, natural areas, golf course… whatever works.

I / we wish to strongly object to the proposed development application on the following grounds:

Insert your own points first  such as:

1.  the golf course is important to me

2.  The open space is important to me

3.  I am concerned the environmental values are not being managed in this application.

4….. whatever works for each individual

On completion you can attach this letter to the Council's standard submission Form which you can complete online at their web site or download here:

Submission-Against-For-a-Proposal (1).pdf

The last section of the letter includes 3 email addresses that each submitter may like to use to forward the objection to specific councillors and Craig Crawford.

This letter covers the main planning grounds and is good to go.

29th November 2019 - Extracts from the Herron Todd White November 2019 Report

These extracts from the Herron Todd White November 2019 Report really make you wonder why anyone would think that bringing hundreds of residential lots to the market would be profitable.

They also contradict the assertion that this new product will fill a need in the community

Cairns Building Approvals.

 "Building approval figures have stagnated at consistently low levels over the last twelve months in tandem with low levels of new land sales and housing construction. It highlights the still parlous state of the residential property market and the tough competition new housing construction faces from prices in the established housing market for both houses and units alike."

Cairns Property Prices

"Median property sale price trends remain basically flat to slightly declining for houses, but have wavered for land and units in tandem with volatile market composition. The latest trend median prices, for properties sold in the month of October 2019, came in at $411,000 for houses, $206,000 for units, and $207,000 for vacant land. Twelve month median trend price moments, for the period from October 2018 to October 2019, stood at minus 0.2% for houses and minus 7.1% for units.”

7th November 2019 - Notices to members re the Annual General Meeting and nominations called for Secretary

Please click on the links below to view and/or print the Notice of AGM and a Nomination Form for the vacant position of Secretary.

AGM notice to members.pdf

Secretary Nomination.pdf

Nominations for the position of Secretary should be returned to info@saveparadisepalms.com.au  

25th October 2019 - Do you want to tell Council how YOU feel about the developer's plans? Some guidelines are provided for you here.

Below are some guidelines that you may find of assistance in lodging your own submission.

Now is the time to send your submission in. 

Rest assured that your Committee is working with our Consultants to formalise the most effective submission that we can put together, which will, of course, be paired with the nearly 5,000 signatures on the petition.

Read More

23rd October - Cairns Regional Council now in receipt of an amended Development Application for Paradise Palms

Advice received overnight from the General Manager Planning & Environment at Cairns Regional Council

"I confirm that this afternoon we received the Response to Information Request for the proposed Paradise Palms Development. It is 1400 pages in total. It will be uploaded to the web as soon as possible. Unfortunately, it is too large for me to attach to an email.

I am advised that the Applicant is proposing to commence Public Notification on Thursday."

We note that signs are being erected today, so now is the time to finalise and deliver your individual submissions to Council. The submission period is open 24th October to 4th December.

You can use the Council's own Form which you can find at             https://www.cairns.qld.gov.au/__data/assets/pdf_file/0018/6480/Submission-Against-For-a-Proposal.pdf

18th October 2019 - Notice of Annual General Meeting - Monday 9th December

The Annual General Meeting of the Paradise Palms Resident's Association Inc, trading as Save Paradise Palms will be held on Monday 9th December at 6:30pm.

The venue is the Palm Cove Surf Club.

All members welcome

18 September 2019 - State and Council Planners are on the job, highlighting significant issues with the DA

Good to see the State and Council Planners calling out some of the significant inadequacies, inconsistencies and misleading statements in the PPNQ Pty Ltd Development Application. It almost looks like they will need a complete re-write of the DA to meet those requests.

It will be particularly interesting to read the needs analysis that they have been asked for, justifying the subdivisions, school, waterpark, trailer park, child care centre, retirement home, etc etc when all they may really want is a change in zoning to be able to sell it on to an experienced developer.

What both the State and Local Governments written concerns do highlight is that a project of this magnitude on such a precious site as this should probably be referred for a full Environmental Impact Study, so let’s hope that Government agrees and requires that an EIS be done

6th September 2019 - This notice has been issued because the State Assessment and Referral Agency (SARA) has identified that information necessary to assess your application has not been provided.

Click on the link below to read the text of another Information Request sent to the developer by the State Assessment and Referral Agency for the developer's attention.

Looks like there is plenty of work still to do!

2019.08.15 - SARA RFI.pdf 

28th August 2019 - Save Paradise Palms Facebook page closed

Due to circumstances beyond our control, Paradise Palms Residents Association Inc has had to close the 'Save Paradise Palms' Facebook page.

We are confident that most supporters will be able to "read between the lines" of that comment

Paradise Palms Residents Association Inc will continue to fight any Development Application and rezoning of Paradise Palms Golf Course by all proper and legal avenues available to us.

Please continue to check this website for updates.

14th August 2019 - Council Information Request regarding the Development Application

This is a very interesting read!

It is the Council's initial response to the Development Application lodged by PPNQ Developments Pty Ltd.

When you read it you will see that this DA is far from decided and the developer has an awful lot of work to do and obstacles still to overcome!

The Council's Information Request is a public document and can be viewed by clicking this link: 

Information and Variation Request.pdf


25th July 2019 - A FEDERAL MP has made an impassioned plea in parliament calling for a controversial golf course development to be stopped.

LNP MP for Petrie Luke Howarth today urged Moreton Bay councillors to stop North Lakes Golf Course from being developed into a retirement village and aged care facility.

 “I say to the Moreton Bay councillors, listen to the people of Petrie and North Lakes and do not allow this golf course to be developed,” he said.

The golf course, which is privately owned, is expected to close at the end of this year and sold to developer The Village Retirement Group (TVRG).

TVRG, we understand, is meeting with the council as part of a pre-lodgement process to discuss its plans for the site and get some direction from council planners.

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12th July 2019 - A Development Application has now been lodged.

The Developer has now lodged his preliminary Development Application with the Cairns Regional Council.

If you would like to view this DA in full you can use this link 

The application can be viewed at:  


The reference number for the Application is 9522/2019.

Council has placed a hard copy of the full DA at the Smithfield Library for the public to inspect.

Now the work starts in earnest and your support will be critical, particularly with the Fighting Fund!

If you would like to financially support our efforts but would prefer not to use "Go Fund Me" to do so, please make a direct deposit into our Bank Account.

BSB:                   633000

Account:            164331183

Account name:  PPRA Inc

26th June 2019

Information from the Cairns Regional Council's Vision Statement, outcomes of community surveys conducted about a future vision for Cairns.

The Community's views are very clear, well worth reading and the main results are listed below.

Cairns Regional Council, are you listening to your constituents and the results of your own surveys?

Stop the loss of any further recreational green space like Paradise Palms now with one simple preemptive decision! No need to wait for the developer to lodge a Development Application


Read More

26th June 2019

Congratulations to the Cairns Regional Council as the Redlynch Masterplan wins state award

What great foresight and initiative has been shown by Council to acquire 51 Hectares of land in Redlynch in order to ensure sufficient provision for Master Planned land to be zoned Sports and Recreation in the region.

Obviously it begs the question as to why Council can even contemplate for minute allowing nearly 60% of the current supply of Sports and Recreation zoned land in the Northern Beaches at Paradise Palms to become the plaything of a private developer. His plans are to obliterate the current precious zoning with Development Applications for large numbers of residential and commercial properties.

The answer seems obvious. Other Councils around the country have done it. Our Council could simply make a declaration that they will not under any circumstances contemplate a change of zoning for such a scarce and precious community asset.

The developer purchased the site knowing what its zoning was and allegedly intended to improve the existing facilities. The fact that his plans failed is not a reason to allow him to ride roughshod over the rest of the Community.

It is important to acknowledge that the Save Paradise Palms Association now has in excess of 4,500 people signed on to support its objectives, so there is no room for doubt about what the community thinks

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2nd June 2019

HTW Valuer's Property Report for May 2019

A cautionary story for inexperienced developers who think that they know it all.

See an extract from the Report below. It shows very big slumps in all categories, houses, units and land.

Read More

28th May 2019

For information, the following advice has been received from Council re progress of a Development Application for Paradise Palms:

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26th April 2019

In February the Association lodged aTemporary Local Planning Instrument request with the Cairns Regional Council.

The request was reviewed by the Council's Planning Officers who produced a Report and recommendations for Council to consider.

Council received the Report at its Meeting on 24th April and chose to refuse the Application. Of course, with 8 out of the 10 elected Councillors declaring a conflict and not voting, the decision was delegated to the CEO to make. A clear compromise of democracy.

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26th April 2019


PPRA Inc would like to thank each and every one of our supporters who attended the Council meeting on the 24th April. The numbers looked impressive and made an impact. Those of you who were able to stay back for the subsequent meeting with the Mayor, the CEO and the GM of Planning would have found it interesting.

Although our TLPI request was declined on this occasion, both the Council and the Developer are now clearly on notice that they are dealing with a determined and resourceful group with more than 4,000 committed supporters signed up. 

Whilst we maintain our strong disagreement with a decision such as this being delegated to the CEO rather than being made by elected Councillors, we have noticed a clear and encouraging change in the attitude shown towards us by the Council leadership team recently and we thank them for making the effort to understand our issues.

25th April 2019

Petition to Cairns Regional Council - Status Update

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23rd April 2019

And so the destruction of the Golf Course enters Stage 2 today!

What's the rush? There is no Development Application lodged so the only apparent reason is as a demonstration that Darren Halpin can do what he wants with impunity.

Cairns Regional Council has been made aware but no response has been received.

Click on the "Read More" button for photos of the turf being stripped from the 16th Green today

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18 April 2019

Interesting read! 

Click on the "Golf Courses and the environment" menu item at the top of the page

17th April 2019

The old 7th Hole a couple of days ago, only 3 months from the last photos and we already have a potential new film set suitable for a Jurassic Park movie

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8th April 2019

The confidential Environmental Values Report that the Association commissioned is now completed!

Click on "Read More" to see one small excerpt from the Report that gives an amazing insight into the environmental value of the site.

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29th January 2019

                    Ensure the Community doesn't pay for the Developer's mistakes!  Join online now.

The iconic Paradise Palms land is a community amenity under threat.

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26 March 2019

The Banker for this development proposal is identified as the Chapman Family Superannuation Fund. (Chapman as in Skyrail)
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5th March 2019

Radio Interview - John Mckenzie Show with Clive Abbott, PPRA Committee Member, 26th Feb 2019

Click below to listen to the interview.

1st February 2019

What Darren Halpin said back in 2015
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7th February 2019

ABC Far North - Radio Interview with Clive Abbott, SPPA Committee

Click below to listen to the interview.

7th February 2019

Paradise Palms creeks already carry vast volumes of runoff

Rainwater runoff - Rooftops and roads absorb zero rain, as against more than 100 hectares of grass and trees

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29th January 2019

The 7th hole as it was - is now a wasteland, destroyed for a development that did not go ahead

An internationally recognised drawcard for our region could be lost for all time

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29th January 2019

Radio interview - 23rd January 2019 - Darren Halpin on John McKenzie's show

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MISSION STATEMENT - PPRA Inc T/A Save Paradise Palms.

  • PPRA Inc T/A Save Paradise Palms represents the Community to ensure Paradise Palms continues to be zoned as Sports / Recreation and Green Space into the future.

  • We will ask the questions you the Community have raised. 

  • We seek the truth by asking the questions, testing claims and holding authority to account in our effort to represent the Community in its quest.

Ethical Lending

  • Ethical Lending..

  • Def..'where the provider of funds recognises the social & environmental impacts of its investments and loans..'

  • Where does that leave the principal lender for this development?

If you have any questions or would like to talk to someone about our appeal, please call Bob McPhail on 0418 886 397

6th September 2020 - Look at the traffic back up from Palm Cove heading south today!

6th September 2020, Sunday morning 11:00 am. Traffic backed up from Palm Cove. The highway certainly can't handle the increase that would come from any development of Paradise Palms

7th February 2019

Employment of a Town Planner

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31st January 2019

Save Paradise Palms, the organisation and who is involved?

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19th February 2019

Big numbers in attendance at the Public Meeting - Tuesday 12th February 

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29th January 2019

Significant wildlife habitat

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29th January 2019

What is really happening?

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25th January 2019

Complete a Membership Application here

Membership Application Form

25th January 2019

Sign our Petition to the the Cairns Regional Council here

Petition Form

29 January 2019

Photo Credits

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