PPRA Inc, T/A Save Paradise Palms Golf Course

About Us

What is PPRA Inc T/A 'Save Paradise Palms Golf Course' and who is involved?

The current owner of Paradise Palms Golf Course closed the Golf Course at the end of March 2019 and has applied for development approval for a large number of residential blocks of land and other assorted uses. This is a genuine threat to our way of life and we can't sit back and do nothing.

The communities in the vicinity would all be negatively affected by such a move, losing one of the main reasons that we bought property here in the first place. The value of real estate in the area is estimated to fall by 15% if this plan is allowed to go ahead. In addition, the community would lose the last of the major green spaces in the region and there would be a significant negative effect on the extensive wildlife that live on the course.

Many of the residents of the communities surrounding the Course have banded together to form a registered not for profit corporation (Paradise Palms Resident’s Association Inc, T/A Save Paradise Palms Golf Course) to:

  1. Assist in the process of finding a buyer who would keep the course operating
  2. Employ Town Planning Consultants to raise objections to the developer’s plans
  3. Employ PR Consultants in the fields of both conventional media and social media to assist in spreading the message
  4. Persuade the Cairns Regional Council to take ownership of the Course

Points 2, 3 and 4 can only succeed if the community in general shows a strong united front to both the developer and the Council. A major launch of this campaign is contemplated for late January. It will be driven by all forms of media in order to ensure that everyone affected is made aware and given an opportunity to support PPRA Inc by way of taking out Membership and signing a Petition.

Concerned Community members and Body Corporates in the region have jointly funded the provision of a “fighting Fund” to PPRA Inc to achieve an acceptable outcome. Many local residents who live outside of the immediate area of the Golf Course have undertaken to individually contribute to the fighting fund and become members of PPRA Inc.

Membership Application forms are available on this web site.



Chairperson:                                                     Bob McPhail

Secretary                                                           Billy Esslemont

Treasurer                                                          Steve Patterson

Committee:                                                        Eileen McMurtrie

                                                                          Clive Abbott

                                                                          Tony Richards

                                                                                                        Richard Campbell

Marketing Sub Committee:                                Clive Abbott

                                                                           Billy Esslemont

                                                                           Tony Richards