23 October 2020

Hi there, we live near the golf course and I just wanted to let you know that when I told my young sons about the paradise palms development they were really quite upset. When I asked what they think they should do about it they said ‘chain ourselves to the trees’ lol. I explained to them that the plan hasn’t been approved yet and that they could write to the cairns post to give their views instead. Their letter was published today and they took a paper each to school for show and tell. Thank for your time and good luck.

Brooke Bannister (Kewarra Beach)

16 October 2020

Objection to the Palms Development (Open Letter to Cairns Regional Councillors)

It is interesting to read the comments from the supporters of the Palms Development with their main objections being,
Sustainable local jobs,
Inject economic growth into our community,
Attract more visitors to our region.
In reply to these statements I would like to ask any one of these people, who took the time to think about what they have put their name to?

Who gave a darnn about the number of jobs lost when Paradise Palms closed over the past few years? A lot of people lost permanent/casual and part time employment (green staff, pro shop staff, restaurant staff, cleaners, venue staff, & gardeners).
It was a gradual process of winding down this business, a business crying out for someone to pick it up
and run with it.
A business with international recognition, a venue with facilities for weddings, major corporate functions,
private functions.
A business that provided a world class 18 hole golf course, recreation facilities, such as swimming pool,
mini golf, tennis courts, volley ball courts, playground for children.
A business with restaurant and bar for social occasions.
A business with hotel accommodation attached.
A business that had the potential to grow and expand.
A golf course that catered to the local and wider community of Cairns, A golf Academy for children, tuition
and pro shop.

Consider the loss to the residential community surrounding the recreational land.
Many residents chose to live here for the lifestyle it offered, they now find themselves facing either another row of houses or even worse a caravan park at their back door. A disappointing result inconsistent with the Cairns Plan 2016 stating that, “it will ensure that there is a diverse range of sport and recreational facilities”. Community hubs like Paradise Palms Golf & Recreation Club form an integral part of our community living where social, recreation and leisure activities enhance and promote healthy lifestyle just as importantly as it provided a venue for our business community to network.

I ask these supporters where were you when all of the above facilities were there for you?
I was listening to our local radio 4CA on the 25th September to the comment from our Mayor, Mr Manning, on the subject of various changes in the city, that being, reducing a city street to one lane and another subject being changes to our foreshores. Mr Manning mentioned that some 5000 people had given their opinion on the changes that were being considered, his further comment was “I guess that is democracy working at its best in Cairns and we need to listen to the people. I HOPE OUR COUNCILLORS ARE LISTENING TO THOSE 5000 PLUS MEMBERS OF THE COMMUNITY WHO HAVE TAKEN THE TIME AND EFFORT TO GIVE THEIR VALUED COMMENT ON THE PALMS DEVELOPMENT TO SAY WHY THIS DEVELOPMENT SHOULD NOT GO AHEAD.

Yours sincerely

Denise O'Connor (Kewarra Beach)

12 October 2020

Paradise Palms. The new concept The Palms with caravan park, water park, school and residential looks great, but it is not in the right place, it should be located at the old Aquis site, Yorkey,'s Knob away from houses and where it won't cause traffic problems and congestion.Of course, everyone loves a Water Park, just click on PPNQ Facebook page and it will send an automated "yes" to the Council, but Paradise Palms is zoned Sports and Recreation and should stay as such for the population of Cairns. Councillors, would you like a 500 caravan park site and a Water Park 30mts from your boundary? Stick to your Town Plan. WM Kewarra Beach.

KM (Kewarra Beach)

29 June 2020

My name is Harrison Tsui,
My Grandfather is a resident to Paradise palms and I've been visiting him there for years. its so unsettling to see that someone wants to destroy such a nice golf course and a thousands of peoples memories.
Every few years I used to go visit my grandfather there, most of my favourite memories of cairns itself are linked to this place. My Grandfather used to take me to the golf course and teach me how to drive a golf buggy, go fishing, watch animals, play putt-putt, I'd hate to have all these wonderful memories be crushed by a persons desire to earn money. Also there are thousands of other places that someone could consider to build this attraction, why would you want to destroy such a beautiful place. I'd hate to come back and see that all of this was destroyed.

Harrison Tsui (88 Gungah bay road Oatley)

26 May 2020

We are fast approaching in what will be the defining decision to be handed down by Cairns Council in one of the most controversial applications to come across Cairns Council's desk. An application has been made to rezone "Sports and Recreation" land of 280 acres. This represents over 60% of the land zoned Sports and Recreation North of the Barron River lost to anther unwanted residential and commercial venture.

In deciding, Council must take into consideration the following:

• The recent decision by Council to block a DA for a 2 acre block of land land in Trinity Park for development, A precedent has been set.
• The proposed Plan of Development is not properly integrated with Cairns Plan.
• The development is not consistent with Council's planning intent for the area as outlined in the Strategic Framework and Local Government Infrastructure Plan.
• The proposed development will result in a significant loss of valuable habitat, including endangered regional ecosystems, areas containing matters of State and Local significance, including Essential Habitat for an Endangered species.
• The loss of a premier world class golf course, Paradise Palms, in Cairns will result in a significant loss to tourism in the region.
• The proposed development represents a significant loss of valuable Sports and Recreation zoned land, given that the little facilities that we have in the Northern Beaches are reaching their full capacity, eg: Clubs like the Strikers and Mariners using the facilities at JCU may lose access when the new Catholic school is built.
• Increased Community expectations for access to open space as a result of the Covid-19 event.
Council must take note of the Community's voice, (over 4700 signed petitions and over 800 personal submissions) when making their decision. They must be seen to be unbiased but more importantly, transparent.

The Community of the Northern Beaches would like to celebrate their "V- Victory Day" on 5th June, 2020.

Billy Esslemont (Kewarra Beach)

14 May 2020

If someone wishes to invest $21 million buy 113 hectares (280 acres) of lush green, near level and mostly cleared open space on the northern beaches of Cairns, you would think the investor would have done his homework.
But no!
He then realised that the original concept would not work and wants to recoup his investment at the community's expense and apply to change the zoning from Sport and Recreation which was set by Cairns Regional Council in 2016. This Re zoning wants to include a wet and wild water park, hundreds of colorbond roof houses and a caravan park to mention a few.
We as a community cannot afford to lose over 60 % of fresh air and animal corridor to a poor investment opportunity. Why should we pay for his mismanagement I ask??? Leave it to what Council and the Community agreed to in 2016, Open Space!!

Yvette (Kewarra Beach)

03 March 2020

Ok this has gone on long enough. Lets get the members of the Yorkeys knob golf course to agree to membership at paradise palms golf course. The price would be around $1800 per year all inclusive, with a comp fee on the day of $10. Then lets get the pokies licence sorted and fill the top right hand side of the club house with them. The left hand side can be used for entertainment nights, for example cabaret , bingo, dance nights etc etc. There will need to be an airconditioned wedding Chapple at the area near the practice putting green closest to the club house. This venue has to stay as a golf club owned by the people of Cairns, and the council we have voted in to carry out our wishes as rate payers. I cannot believe the amount of times I have spoken to tourists that came to cairns northern beaches just to play golf there. I know we have the reef and the rain forest but for god sake we need this golf course re- instated as a public asset. The course WAS worth a lot of money with all is infrastructure, now it is just a paddock. I urge all potential candidates to get behind save paradise palms and lets get this property back where it belongs in the hands of the people. I am sure with the right management this property will become a valuable asset to the Cairns regional council and its rate payers.

paul hawkins (smithfield)

03 November 2019

The Cairns Plan 2106 was I presume produced in 2016. Presumably it was developed with professional oversight and passed at council by elected representatives. All this being done using rate payers funds for rate payers and with the best interests of the Cairns community at the centre of the process. The request by PPNQ Development to vary the plan is clearly for the interests of one or two individuals who will profit enormously at the expense of tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of Cairns locals and tourists.
Visitors to Cairns will not have the opportunity to play on what was one of the top 100 golf courses in Australia. As a resident receiving multiple visitors each year I would always take them to the golf club to eat or play.
Their proposals will take: - air from the lungs of the northern beaches
- Peace and quiet from people’s lives
- Value from people’s homes at a level nothing short of theft.
- Beauty from the area
- A recreational option used by young and old.
As an observer and user of the Paradise Palms golf course it seems that a housing subdivision was always the intent. The fees, management style, care, marketing (or lack of) all reflected a short term horizon for its recreational function.
From the start this was a grab for a substantial profit with a modest original investment.
The result will predictably be a chaotic, busy and unattractive area. The opposite of the current situation.
So I would ask:
1. What compensation is in place for people as they face a 20% to 40% loss in value of their homes?
2. Is it the thousands of ratepayers who will have to fund the road upgrades and facility improvements? Is this transfer of wealth from many to a few condoned by the Council?
3. Why do we need another housing subdivision when there are already so many unsold in Smithfield. Plus an area behind the golf club that has been for sale for 4 years still remains unsold.
4. Will the council really allow such a valuable recreational asset to be decimated forever?
5. Are we really going to allow Port Douglas to take over as the only international golfing destination in the region?
6. How will our decision makers feel in 10 years’ time when the damage is really evident? Let’s not have another Ipswich.

Sally McDonnell (Kewarra Beach)

05 September 2019

Well I think this announcement today will be just another nail in the coffin to the Paradise Palms Water Park proposal.

Port Douglas is finally set to have a swimming lagoon with the plans to develop the land around the Surf Life Saving Club revealed today.

Here's the link https://www.newsport.com.au/2019/september/plans-revealed-for-port-douglas-public-swimming-lagoon/

Peter Horsfield (Cairns)

05 August 2019

Stunned at this stupidity.
PP Golf Course is the reason we have chosen the Palm Cove/Kewarra/Cairns region for around 7 holidays in the past decade.
While loving the course (as a very regular golfer), have always thought it was poorly marketed, over-priced and possibly not as play-friendly as it could be for the resort or non-regular (ie. lower skilled) golfer. I've always viewed it as an opportunity waiting to be properly exploited.
Instead, its going to be shut down and turned into yet another property development?
Just like those unsuccessful ones in Palm Cove?
Instead of next to the facilities in Palm Cove, virtually in the middle of nowhere?
Honestly, if it's not going to work as a golf club, do they really think it's going to work as a housing development?
Basically this will rule out the FNQ as being a regular holiday spot for us, and there will be others like us. PP was always a drawcard for the region. Certainly Kewarra and Palm Cove will be absolute affected from a tourism perspective.
I honestly can't believe the lack of foresight here. Even retaining a spectacular and playable 9 hole course with clever double-tees on each hole making it a workable full 18 hole round, surely works as a better option for a likely successful property development.
All this does is allow the owners to make a potential profit at the communities expense, rather than consolidate the future of the region. Absolutely daft.

A.Murray (Melbourne)

23 July 2019

The application submitted by the development group - States ~ paraphrased ...as a foundational req for change .. the site no longer meets the desires of the community - nor appropriate use of the land according to neighbouring market forces. I've been travelling up to that site for 20 odd years from interstate. The interesting observation, is rather than pare everything back and simplify / focus on what's special and drawing people in....Each new owner has progressively sought ways of sinking more capital into the property. Or in other words progressively loading it up with risk. Either way, the "desires" of the community - could perhaps be summarised not by lack of want... but perhaps by being constantly eroded by the wishes of those wanting to make short-sighted deals. I wish the team here best of luck,

DC (Melbourne)

15 July 2019

More traffic at the Discovery Roundabout, Kewarra Beach

A Development Application for Paradise Palms Sport and Recreation Zone has been submitted to Cairns Regional Council. [DA 9522/2019]

How will this affect traffic flow?

· The T junction at Paradise Palms Drive/ Captain Cook Hwy will be turn left in and out. No right turn allowed to enable vehicles travelling to town to join the Hwy.

· All traffic from the approximately 920 residences currently using the Paradise Palms Drive, Moore Road and Discovery Road going towards town will exit at the Discovery Roundabout.

· Add the residents of the 350 new lots proposed on the Golf Course, the 200 Tourist Villas, the 250 Caravan/Camping Sites, the proposed School and Retirement Village and possibly a market on no more than 52 days of the year.

The major collector roads, Paradise Palms Drive, Moore Road and Discovery Road are narrow with one lane each way and cycle lanes. Lots of road signs though!

Access to the Hwy from Discovery Road is going to be bottle necked. Emerging traffic will slow access onto the roundabout from Clifton Beach. It will be like trying to get on the Highway from Kuranda or Yorkeys Knob. How much time will this add when travelling to work?

The proposed development will consider and adopt relevant findings documented in the traffic report. One of these is -upgrade works, which improve the Captain Cook Hwy/ Discovery Drive/ Poolwood Road roundabout intersection to operate within acceptable performance thresholds. Could be better second time around!

Please contact the CEO of CRC with your views about this issue. The councillors cannot vote due to a conflict of interests.

Eileen McMurtrie (Kewarra Beach)

12 July 2019

Dear Sir/Madam,

In my 25 years of living in Cairns, I have seen more and more of our beautiful green land being torn up and small plots of lookalike homes being erected. I just hope the proposed land development which was once the beautiful Paradise Palms Golf Club, will not become more of the same lookalike homes one sees everywhere else.

I do not blame the owner of the golf course if he cannot make it work as a golf course or does not care to continue trying. However, I would appeal to the council that we keep this beautiful green area for us all to enjoy and for future generations as perhaps a park for all to share in the community. Or don't we need a better water supply? Lake Morris is great but over the years the population has grown and grown requiring more and more water. We were lucky this year to have had such a great wet season but that may not always be the case. Why not turn this area into another lake for water supply? Copperload Dam is so beautiful to go and picnic and it is open to all. This could also be the case close to the city and the Northern Beaches.

I also worry about the many animals that live in this area. We are pushing them out further and further. Where do they go when they can go no further just so we can build more and more homes as we destroy our beautiful land and Earth? Tourism is very important to us, I don't need to remind anyone. These animals are part of the tourism people come to see and enjoy in a natural habitat such as we have in this land. I have photos from hikes I've done high in the Mac Alister Range and to the top of Saddle Mountain, looking down on the green of this land and in the distance, all too many of the same, same roofs and small lots. The green is so pleasing and pleasurable and calming to the eye and spirit.

I appeal to the Cairns City Council to consider this and so much more when making a decision on this property. More homes in small plots, close neighbours, destruction of beautiful land, a mound of dirt put up with a fence on top and greenery planted on the top of that mound to pretend nothing is behind it. We know what is behind there and don't we have enough of all that in our land? Everything we have comes from our Earth. All we seem to do is take. Please, let's give back on this one.

Thank you.
Gerald R. Pursley

Gerald R. Pursley (Kewarra Beach)

03 July 2019

Sport and Recreation on a level playing field

Cairns Regional Council consulted with their community to identify a future vision for Cairns and have their input into the Council’s Corporate Plan. A green tropical and protected environment is one of the most strongly held values in the community. Across the age groups, youth were most concerned about sustainability and the environment, middle-aged in liveability and environment and seniors in safety and liveability.

Cairns Regional Council committed $8.7million to upgrade a park in Gordonvale and $335k annually to maintain it. They acquired a 51-hectare parcel of land in Redlynch several years ago and their Master Plan to develop Redlynch Sport and Recreational Parkland for the local community has just won a state award. Seems an expensive project.
In contrast, the Cairns Regional Council stated at a meeting that Saving Paradise Palms, 67% of the green space in the Northern Beaches, is not within its core business.

In 2015 Darren Halpin of PPNQ purchased Paradise Palms Golf Course, an area zoned Sport and Recreation for over 30 years, and he described it one of the best golf courses in Australia, a Cairns Icon. In the last 2 months, he has closed the Golf Course, removed the sprinkler system, sheds, destroyed the toilets on the course, and changing the boundary so that the course and the facilities are on separate titles. Darren Halpin wants the Cairns Regional Council to change the zoning and allow him to build 427 houses and a tourist park.

Why isn’t the Council looking after the residents of the Northern Beaches and categorically stating that the sport and recreational zoning will not be changed?

Eileen McMurtrie (Kewarra Beach)

17 May 2019

Yesterday I attended the Community Consultation. I mingled and spoke to a lot of people and asked what they thought and their opinion of the Master plan. No one, not one thought much of it. Most thought that it was an insult to those living in the precinct of the course and an insult to the Northern Beaches community. The consultans that were there to answer any questions were not locals but were from Brisbane and had no idea how to address some of the questions raised by the attendees.

Bill Esslemont (Kewarra Beach)

17 April 2019

A fantastic outcome for Warringa Golf Club. Unlike Cairns Council Warringa Council has listened to the community and its needs.
Check out the article in Golf Australia at:

Denise O'Connor (Kewarra Beach)

03 April 2019

apparently council considering buying a parcel of golf course to provide a lawn cemetery and crematorium for the Northside.
There is nothing north of Martyn st so not unrealistic and came from a credible source

danny maher (redlynch)

29 March 2019

The desire for this developer to appear to want to move forward as soon as possible to start to destroy this iconic space suggests a complete lack of even the most basic business sense Why would anyone want to back or even support such a venture? I would ask that would be supporters of this plan look carefully not only at the impact on the area but also their reputation as respected members of our community !!!

Barbara Lawler (Cairns)

29 March 2019

"As it stands now this whole development could be approved by an unelected bureaucrat, and Non-conflicted democratically elected councillors will be denied the opportunity to debate and vote on the matter. This to me, is a highly questionable way to deal with an issue of such significance "

Richie Bates - Cairns Regional Council Independent Councillor (Cairns)

29 March 2019

We regularly holiday up your way and the superb PP golf course and club facilities is one of the major drawcards.
If PP golf course goes the region will be much less attractive for mad keen golfers like our family.
I hope you are factoring in how much tourism business PP brings in?

geoff hendrick (adelaide sa)

28 March 2019

To the Cairns Regional Council,

I wish to express my deep regret at the prospect of the magnificent Paradise Palms golf course/resort being torn up for housing development.

I have been attending this resort annually for the past 8 years, some years twice. It is one of my primary motivations for choosing the Cairns region for our family holiday destination.

Not only is the course spectacular, unique and challenging but the club house and facilities are superb. Especially the play grounds for our young children.

The majority of the people who have signed the attached petition have attended the Paradise palms resort on my recommendation. All thanked me for suggesting they visit, if not to play golf, to at least appreciate the
hospitality and view from the club house.

Destruction of this facility would be a tremendous loss and would significantly detract from the area as a tourist destination.

Yours sincerely

Julian Foster

Julian Foster (St Kilda)

26 March 2019

Smart move by Darren and his team, tearing up the greens so quickly after shutting down, who would purchase a golf course with no greens? I built my house on the Paradise Palms Estate 4 years ago because of the course and the green space. If I had known that it was going to become a poxy water theme park, caravan park and housing estate I certainly would have invested my money elsewhere. As I said to Darren this morning his legacy will be the developer who destroyed an iconic FNQ tourism draw card, and for what? MONEY!!!
My focus is now on the Cairns Council to see if they approve his DA, thousands of local residents are watching closely Bob Manning.

Graham Johnson (Kewarra beach)

06 March 2019

I am obviously not a developer, but is this going to end up like the stagnant half abandoned “development” inland from the southern end of Palm Cove, or the part abandoned Novotel at the north end? At least that was in walking distance of the beach and the Palm Cove strip: this will be in the middle of nowhere.

Johnno (Melbourne )

22 February 2019

Like everyone else who plays golf or frequents Paradise Palms Golf Club, I will be exceptionally sorry to see graders carve up the fairways for housing blocks.
After managing three golf courses in our region (Half Moon Bay GC, Sea Temple and Mirage) I have a good understanding of a golf club P&L. I know it’s difficult to make money, but I am clueless on the demise of our beautiful Paradise Palms. The community needs answers, and it simply not good enough to say it went broke.
The marketing I have seen of the course and resort has been limited to glossy magazines and other ego-driven screens that made not one dollar of difference to the business? How did it waste so much money?
Why did the marketing of weddings/ parties, conferences or any other income streams cease? The clubhouse used to do 5-6 weddings a month…if the ‘average’ wedding nets $10K then 50 a year sees $500K net to bottom line…never chased. Why is that?
Why was Troon Golf Management given contract? Was it purchased with no idea how to manage their own business? Troon management and ‘personality’ was bloody awful. Everyone would acknowledge that I believe. They were a liability to everyone concerned, owners and players alike.
The highly skilled Superintendent took the option to leave after being given news many months ago, that the course was doomed. Just how did owners have any hope that a buyer could be found when the general state and detail that high skill gives is gone. Maybe it was never meant to sell. As an example, I point to the second lake on Hole 1. To clear that mess would now cost $50-$80K, looks grotesque and not an advert to sell a complex environment.
These owners need to be transparent, Paradise is not just a golf course, it has been part of our landscape and mental escape for 30 years…was it always to be carved up, was the plan to lose money to plead CRC for Ok to trash the course, put the creeks into pipes and level the best course in the north?
And yes, I do believe it could at least break even, if it had consistent in-house services, re-thought membership structure, invited social players and corporate golf, chased business to fill the hotel and took the very open market of weddings seriously.
Sell for $40M or whatever, or destroy it and make a lot more? It’s a sad day for the north and a sad day to see it endorsed and allowed by local authorities.
Peter Douglas
Clifton Beach

Peter Douglas (Clifton Beach)

20 February 2019

The only thing you need to turn Paradise Palms into a profitable business is a good accountant. Praise the lord.

Paul Hawkins (Smithfield)

20 February 2019

Give it to me for a year to engage effective marketing and advertising programs and I'll guarantee that in that time you'll see a profitable business again.

Sam (Mossman)

18 February 2019

We spend half the year in Cairns. Paradise Palms is the first place we take our visitors. A wonderful resource for the community. Drinks, a meal or golf - just great draw card for the district.

Sally McDonnell (Templestowe Vic)

15 February 2019

DON’T be misled into believing Paradise Palms in not a valuable asset to the community of Cairns.

Tourists from around the world and all over Australia embrace the opportunity to play golf at this wonderful course and enjoy the additional facilities it offers. The function rooms and restaurant offer choices for both corporate, private guests and families. It provides much needed employment for locals in our area and supports a host of local businesses.

More importantly it provides open green space for our abundant wildlife in the ever-decreasing coastal corridor evident by the rapid residential development view on either side of the highway.

We should question the intention of our local developers, I don’t believe they have the interest of the community at heart, it is more about filling their pockets.

Denise O'Connor (Kewarra Beach)

15 February 2019

As a neighbouring local, like many others, our young families have grown up with Paradise Palms as a community gathering place that has for many years, provided a safe, healthy and fun environment for our children to play, and for the many parents and families to catch up and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere that is truly globally unique.

Paradise Palms is also a 'locals place' that provides a unique opportunity for community members to enjoy a wonderful meal together on a beautiful golf course in a paradise setting and has become a popular local customary venue for residents of Cairns to treat their extended families, friends and guests and even provides an amazing space for those who wish to conduct business meetings, informal gatherings.

When I worked in hospitality in Palm Cove years ago, countless American and Asian golfers would enjoy the Paradise Palms experience and it was also popular with Australian businessman who were in Cairns for work or related meetings. We would market this to hotel guests on reception as a tourist product just like we would the reef and rainforest tours.

As a local teacher and currently the Independent Candidate for the Federal seat of Leichhardt, I'm offering my full support to Save Paradise Palms.

It is evident that the majority of residents in the region want to save our Paradise Palms and based on the community representation in attendance at the first general meeting, I would be very confident in saying this would be an accurate reflection of the broader community view and in a positive context, an even more genuine reflection of who we are up here, which is 'community people' at heart.

Chad Anderson

Chad Anderson (Kewarra Beach)

13 February 2019

Paradise Palms ….Must Be SAVED

Daily,…as I drive past Paradise Palms, I am between sad and angry and just unable to comprehend how a man could plan to destroy this Iconic Country Club Venue. He shows absolutely no concern for the resulting consequences should his plan succeed. This latest “Halpin Dream” will not only destroy the dreams and current Life Style of so many people in our community (not only Golfers), but extends on to having a catastrophic effect on the Cairns Business Community as well. Which includes the Future of Tourism in our region. Not to mention the severe loss of property values in the Northern Beaches and the obvious disruption to the many species of native wild life which inhabit the area.
This plan to rezone for residential purpose is solely motivated by Developer ambition and must be stopped. If not by sensible intervention, then by The Power of the People.
Since acquisition, the Current owners have shown a total lack of desire to operate this venue as a profitable enterprise. It has been with frustration and dismay that Users and Locals have had to sit back, watch, and tolerate the slow demise of Club and Family Memberships. Quality Restaurant and Bar service once provided have dwindled to an embarrassingly low level with many a tourist questioning why….What is going on ?
All Member’s suggestions to assist the failing management to help create a more profitable and viable solution to Mr Halpin’s “So Called” money crisis have been very quickly rejected and dismissed by Mr. Halpin. Who in fact at meetings reminded us on several occasions that he was a “Business Man” and not interested in running a golf club or listening to ways to make the club more viable. Quite a few members found themselves walking out of his meetings to avoid angry confrontation. How can we believe this latest dream of Mr.Halpin’s. …How can we accept his sincerity… This Developer has demonstrated to us all his inability to complete major projects. This is evidenced by the current unfinished disasters now laying in a “DISGUSTING STATE OF NEGLECT”
The 7th hole destruction…The Driving Range destruction…The Non completion of hole 12 to a Par 5… The Restaurant, Bar and Family Play area renovation. The disgusting unhealthy state of the once beautiful lake which adorned the length of Hole 1, each year attracting many species of Ducks and visiting water birds. Pelicans would line up for our international visitors to photograph.
And now this developer has come up with a New Plan to spend Many More Millions of Dollars on his next venture!
(I think we have all heard this song before) BUT….He has indicated it is all for the benefit of the people…

GUESS WHAT : The People of Cairns Are Not Stupid !

If this developer’s plans are approved for the Residential Development I would confidently suggest we will see yet another failed project that they just walk away from…..Mr Halpin has recently expressed to me that many Golf Courses around the country are now moving towards conversion to Residential Estate…….
That does not make it right. I wonder how many of those course closures can be attributed to the same “Develop at all costs syndrome” ……I cannot find records of any Golf Courses in this region that have been unable to survive…… I can however, name quite a few so called “Gunna Do Developers” who have passed into receivership. Sadly each time leaving unfinished projects, many thousands of dollars owed to local business, employees, and the community. I know because I am one who has been hit on more than one occasion.
We all know that certain parcels of land within the Paradise Palms Golf Course Property have always been approved for Residential use… Why not proceed with that. This would enhance the value of the existing Venue


Wayne Wilson (Kewarra Beach)

13 February 2019

This is a dilemma for the community.I am not a golfer but do believe in the long term historical significance of this golf course for the Northern Beaches,Cairns,Cairns Tourismand the future development of this area into one of the great cities.I honestly believe this area should have a world class golf course to attract holiday makers who enjoy a round of golf and this golf course is and was one of the top ten in the world.As I said I don’t play golf,but it is like art,I am not an artist but I strongly believe the city should have quality public galleries to view art,afl,rugby league,cricket basket ball,all have there place to happen in town and this specific built,(by private enterprise-Dayiko)first class golf course can be run at a profit ,I have seen it successful for well over 10 if not 20years and can I believe easily so again should be kept because I believe this golf course could become one of the great courses of Australia and the world and it’s significance could in history to the area be one day seen as very important to Cairns and the Northern Beaches.My vote for what is worth is but one vote but I vote for the purchase of this course by the council and I don’t live on the golf course or own property that will be effected by this decision.To me this is just good common sense,if such a quality golf course is already built by private interests it will be near impossible to afford to ever build another of this quality in such a great position with a great clubhouse for all sorts of functions from weddings upto be had and laid for to have there so as I have seen it run profitably with the right managers,let’s investigate it thoroughly Council,not overpay for it Council and let’s get on with the purchase of what one day will be one of the great historical golf courses of Australia in Cairns and maybe from time to time in winter the perfect place to hold an Australian Open-now that’s an Idea.

Tony Knobel (Smithfield)

07 February 2019

We are now starting to see the consequences of the owners of Paradise Palms extreme mismanagement of this asset into what is conveniently a loss-making operation. What a failure Troon Golf were. My god! That place used to buzz with weddings and functions every week but now it has been let run down ostensibly for meeting some loss-making covenant that enables development. Shame on you Darren and your silent partners. Your promises were hollow and your efforts to lift this asset to reach its potential were at best weak. We know who your (very) silent shareholders are and we know your motivation was other than what you said originally. The Northern Beaches will soon be devoid of green space if this can be destroyed. The Developments being allowed on the Northern Beaches now promise to be ghettos of the future squeezed onto 365m2 blocks full of people with nowhere to go except Cattana Wetlands and/or Paradise Palms. Mayor Bob Manning...you should refrain from public comment as should the rest of your Unity Team. You are all conflicted by this and you know it has to do with campaign funding. Danny Betros... what a surprise! Supporting comments to the press from a real estate agent who is far from independent of these developers. And let’s be clear…… this is not all about golf. ...it is about green space and wildlife and a much wider community amenity and something that is an asset for Cairns and hopefully Cairns Tourism. The John McKenzie interview with Darren Halpin was unsurprisingly grossly biased toward the developers and no hard questions were asked about the poor management and lack of effort to raise its profile, but what do we really expect from this end of town. I hope the dedicated groups that will challenge the prospect of development have every success and that once again we can witness the power of the people defeat the power of money. Please everyone, get behind them.

Dee Termined (Clifton Beach)

07 February 2019

I, along with many golfers, am simply appalled by the possibility of the owner closing Paradise Palms and turning the land to housing development. Almost 25years ago, I had a pleasure of playing, hosting a tournament and simply enjoying the environment at Paradise Palms. My colleagues then included Greg Norman, Bernhardt Langer, Jumbo Ozaki and Graham Marsh who designed the course. I hope the good folks in Cairns recognize the value of Paradise Palms and will succeed in preserving the wonderful golf course which will grow to be one of the very best in Australia.

Fujio Ishii (Tokyo, Japan)

07 February 2019

It represents the heartbeat of an oasis on the elevated side of the Northern Beaches which was always designed to create an endless tropical amenity along the whole of the tiny strip between Palm Cove and the Barron River. It was never envisaged by any living or dead planner to look like a soulless Residential aggregation that stripped away the “feel” of the tropics

Greg Roberts (Blue Water)

07 February 2019

When we think of the Cairns and Northern Beaches area we think of:
1) The beautiful environment
2) Luxurious hotels
3) Access to the reef, and
Paradise Palms Resort is a recognised asset for this region and has been a major factor for many people when they moved into this area. I strongly object to the proposed redevelopment of the golf course into houses, units, small parks and a fun park. The redevelopment of a prime asset would cause the region to lose its attractiveness and the quality of life currently enjoyed by its residents and tourists would be diminished due to a lack of amenities and higher density population.
We need the Cairns Regional Council to protect the standard of living on our Northern Beaches and I am sure that our action group will find a viable alternative to keep Paradise Palms Resort operating.

Mike Pennell (Palm Cove)

06 February 2019

Thanks for the notice about the general meeting. As an owner of a property within Peppers Beach Club and Spa, I am hopeful that our action group can find a solution to keep the golf course operating. However, I won’t be in Palm Cove on 12 Feb so please accept my apologies.
Any minutes from the meeting would be greatly appreciated.

Good luck,
Michael Pennell

Michael Pennell (Palm Cove)

06 February 2019

We, as owners of unit 115, The Greens, Paradise Palms, strongly object to the proposed sale of the golf course. We bought the property, based purely on the tourist attraction that the golf course provides. Should the owners wish to sell, I do suggest a full refund of the purchase price, including furniture package, of our unit. The same should be for all the investors (that I do believe all invested because of the golf course).

Kind Regards,
Deon van Rensburg

Deon van Rensburg (Kewarra Beach)

05 February 2019

Paradise Palms Golf Course has an important current and future part to play in the mix of lifestyles and attractions of the Northern Beaches and Cairns
The region without doubt has benefited from the many visitors who’ve enjoyed the facilities and features this great golf course offers and is very much part of the attractions of coming here for golf lovers their families and friends.
As a bad (non) golfer I’ve been appalled at the recent announcements regarding the moves to close it
and more perturbed about the proposed usage of the grounds which will impact again on top of the current infrastructure .

Good stuff keep us posted

Alex Whyte (Palm Cove)

05 February 2019

Wishing you all the best with the petition and further action. This is such a wonderful asset for the community and in the right hands could be a drawcard for future development. Best, Lisa

Lisa Law (smithfield)

02 February 2019

Ever since I notified many friends in Japan who visit here frequently about the crisis, I have received numerous phone calls and texts expressing their disappointment and surprise. Yes, it was a surprise to them because it is unimaginable that a golf course of this status, legacy and reputation be scrapped and made into a housing project. All it takes is a prudent management which includes proper amount of promotional activities, good maintenance of the course and a core group of golfers and non-golfers who frequent the facility to make this golf course a truly recognizable gem in Australia which Paradise Palms once was. It takes time to make a golf course truly great as seen in many throughout the world, since many are over fifty to hundred years old. But for a relatively new course of only thirty years of existence, Paradise Palms is already on the map of golfing world. My friends in Japan and U.S.extend their best wishes to the good folks here in preserving this great golf course.

Yutaka Morohoshi (Kewarra Beach)

31 January 2019

All Paradise Palms and Northern Beaches residents and surrounding residents should fight to keep this jewel that makes our area special - once it is gone it can never be replaced. Keep abreast of what's happening in your community here!

Neil Chapman (Kewarra Beach)

31 January 2019

Save Paradise Palms Golf Course. It was one of the reasons we chose to move here. Likewise, many other people would have chosen this location as part of a lifestyle choice. I certainly wouldn't have relocated to Paradise Palms to have better access to another residential estate. Why do Developers feel it's necessary to destroy a well established and beautiful golf course when they could setup the same establishment only a few kilometres away on the edge of Suburbia? It sends the wrong message to the Cairns Northern Beaches community and to prospective "working" residents looking for a uniquely beautiful place to live. Ultimately, this decision will have an impact on the future socioeconomic standing of the community and subsequently, the local economy.

Christian Chapman (Kewarra Beach)

31 January 2019

The golf course is integral part of Cairns Northern Beaches and must remain unchanged to maintain the lifestyle and character of Cairns. So many people have paid higher values for their property because of the golf course. It doesn't just affect those directly on the golf course as all property values will take a hit if this development goes ahead

I don't know what the current owners paid for it but if they paid too much then that's their error if they are forced to sell at a low price
Get behind the Save Paradise Palms Golf Course as we want to save our valued lifestyle for now and into the future. Let’s save Paradise Palms Golf Club from residentialt village development and maintain the vision of manicured golf open space that we all love. Everyone needs to get involved. Get behind and support the Save Paradise great team, “One Community, many Voices” to stop unplanned development of our precious golf course lifestyle

Angie Sutcliffe (Kewarra Beach)

31 January 2019

I have been a Registered Valuer in the Cairns region since 1984. During this time I have worked continually in the Real Estate industry as a Valuer and a Real Estate Agent.

What impact will the proposed development at Paradise Palms have a on both single residential dwellings and investment units on the golf course precinct?

It will have greater impact on those properties that immediately front the golf course with current sales evidence today indicating a fall of between 10- 20%.
Unit investment developments such as The Greens will also feel an impact as the dual key development was built on the basis of achieving occupancy through the attraction of a golf destination. People from overseas and interstate could have a golf holiday in tropical North Queensland, including playing at other Courses in the Cairns Region and Port Douglas.

Robert McPhail

Australian Institute of Valuers, Registration No: 6193
Valuer’s Registration Board QLD: Registration No: 1568

Robert McPhail (Kewarra Beach)

31 January 2019

I have lived on the northern beaches of cairns for nearly 40 years. when paradise palms golf course and attached amenities where built it was a time for celebration for the people of cairns. Dakio spared no expense in the construction of the course and the club house. This facility should be preserved for the people of cairns to enjoy for the future of us and our children. We are truly saddened by the prospect of this course closing, as there are no other facility's of this quality in cairns. Please keep it open, cairns needs it.

paul hawkins (smithfield.)

31 January 2019

I am deeply saddened by the apparent imminent demise of this wonderful golf course. I first played here in 1991 and have over the years enjoyed the venue immensely as many others have. This course is known all over Australia and internationally as a fantastic and challenging course to play at . I wonder if the caravan park and retirement village , proposed to replace it will have the same esteem. Caravan parks and retirement villages can be built on any block of land , where can you build another Paradise palms in Cairns? This venue is arguably the most significantly man made structure built in far north Queensland , and for it to be run down on purpose to justify carving it up is reprehensible. Unfortunately as like everything else it all comes down to the mighty dollar, but it doesn't have to be that way, surely the council can see the folly of destroying an icon in far north Queensland for a van park and retirement village!!!!

Steven Butler (Westcourt )

30 January 2019

My wife and I visit to Cairns as often as we can to play golf at Paradise Palms. We stay at our good friend's home near the first tee and from the terrace, we can see the golf course and the tropical forest. Such a wonderfull environment for some one who come from Japan. Through many visits to Paradise Palms, we made a lot of friends and it is our treasure to go back to see them.
It will be very sad for everyone who visits Paradise Palms from abroad, if there is no Paradise Palms Golf Course.
We pray for The PPRA Inc Committee to save Paradise Palms Golf Course for the people live in this area and visitors like us.

Mamiko and Motonobu Kato (Yokohama, Japan) 30/02/2019

Motonobu Kato (Yokohama)

29 January 2019

A superb course and an environmental treasure. This green space is an essential part of this community and an asset to all who live in the area.
Must be preserved for both the community and those of us who visit to enjoy the beauty and tranquillity of the Course and its surrounds.
Paradise Palms and the Northern Beaches is a great place to live due to the Golf Club and the grounds. There are heaps of animals that live there. If we take this away than Paradise Palms it would not hold the beauty it has now.

Karl Davis (Northern Beaches)